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Joint-stock company "Grodno Azot" is a modern highly automatized enterprise of petrochemical complex of the Republic of Belarus.

The enterprise specialises on manufacture of liquid ammonia for technical use (976,8 thousand tons a year), nitrogen based fertilizers (urea - 785 thousand tons a year, urea-ammonium nitrate mixture - UAN - 720 thousand tons year, ammonium sulphate - 319 thousand tons a year), methanol for technical use (80 thousand tons a year), caprolactam (111,2 thousand tons a year), bio diesel fuel (200 thousand tons a year) and liquid carbon dioxide (24 thousand tons a year).

About 60 percent of manufactured production is realised on domestic market, thus requirements of domestic economy are completely satisfied and the other part is exported. JSC "Grodno Azot" has the deserved international reputation of the reliable business partner. Its high authority and guaranteed production quality allow to diversify markets and to carry out deliveries practically to all regions of the globe. The enterprise's trademark has the international recognition and is registered in 18 countries.

High professionalism of labour stuff, constant aspiration to perfection of work with partners and consumers both on domestic and on foreign markets guarantee satisfaction of the highest requests and inquiries of our clients from all over the world.