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Products of JSC "Grodno Azot" - Main products

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Products in this category:
Alkaline drain of caprolactam manufacture
Ammonium sulfate
Ammonium sulphite - bisulphite for technical use
Ammonium sulfate coated
Ammonium sulfate production wastage
Aqueous ammonia for technical use
Aqueous hydroxylamine sulphate
Caprolactam (flakes)
Caprolactam (liquid form)
Copper-magnesium catalyst formed
Corrosion inhibitor
Fuel biodiesel
Gaseous nitrogen in cylinders
Gaseous technological Oxygen in cylinders
Hydroxylamine sulphate flakes
Liquid ammonia for technical use
Liquid carbon dioxide
Liquid nitric fertilizers (UAN)
Liquid nitrogen
Low-boiling fraction of caprolactam production
Methanol for technical use
Nitric acid (not concentrated)
POD oil (distillation residue product)
Soda ash melts
Sulfuric acid for batteries
Sulfuric acid
Urea production wastage
Urea with growth regulator of plants